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The Pride of Jared MacKade, Nora Roberts, 1995

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That was some of the most asinine dreck I have ever read. I don't know if I can really "review" it. I admit that I resorted to speed-reading it after just a few chapters. I was derailed by too many cliches such as "her legs were endless" and "she was guilty as sin" and endless passages about dumb stuff, like kittens (though I generally love kittens). Smart Bitches, Trashy Books probably does a much better job of reviewing it here. However, I think that they were much too generous when they gave it a B. I was hoping that SBTB would help me discover that romances weren't as bad as I thought they were. It's a snappy, clever-looking site. I chose this book because The New Yorker published a profile about Nora Roberts, calling her "America's most popular novelist". In my opinion, the author, Lauren Collins, never succeeds in telling the readers why we should care about Roberts if we didn't already. So I thought I'd try to find out for myself. SBTB appears to have graded only two Roberts romances, interestingly enough, and the other one got a D, so I went with this one. The writing is just sloppy and terrible, the overblown love scenes are embarrasing. The characters are tiresome stereotypes, with a "manly" lawyer (Jared of the title) unrealistically falling for paranoid, hotheaded, undereducated single mom Savannah (annoyingly described as "exotic" because of her "Indian blood" and so on. She's still white :| ) I feel worried for America that this is currently our most popular author. Out of the blue, the heroine in this story says "I don't read Kafka", puzzling both the hero and myself. I'm hoping that this random mentioning of Kafka will lead some of the Nora Roberts fans to Google Kafka and accidentally stumble onto some real writing.

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